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FREE DELIVERY: Free delivery to EUROPE on orders over 2000€

COOPERATION: We are happy to cooperate with companies that would like to sell our equipment. Please contact us for more information.

TAXES AND CUSTOMS: All the taxes, customs costs or any other fees are included in the prices on the website.

COMPANY: The TTEKA company was established in 2008 as producers of professional training and competition sports equipment. We are based in Canada and our factory is in Europe. The TTEKA equipment is already used in such countries like Austria, Bonaire Islands, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates. In total 17 countries and more than 200 cities.

DELIVERY: The delivery is possible to all the countries around the world. It is made from our factory directly to your address. The waiting time for the production and the delivery is in average 1.5 – 2 months. A week before the delivery we will set the exact delivery day. During the delivery you will have the full support by our team. You will know where your order is situated and at what time it will arrive.

FAST DELIVERY:  There is a possibility for a fast delivery (2-4 weeks) on equipment that is currently in stock.

WARRANTY: A warranty of 10 years is given on the metal and the welding joints, 2 years on moving parts and 1 year on the upholstery. If something goes wrong and it is covered by the warranty, we will repair the part or will send you a new part. We cover the transport fees.

ORDERING: Please use our contact form, My account features, direct order on website, Email, Facebook or Instagram. Please let us know what items you would like to purchase and we will calculate the total price with the delivery to your destination. If everything is acceptable to you, we will then proceed to the payment. Following this, your order will be placed on the production waiting list and we will do everything possible to deliver your equipment as fast as possible.

REBATES: We are very loyal to our regular customers by offering very interesting rebates. As well, we often offer special deals to new and regular customers. Follow our website to get news on fresh rebates and deals.

PAYMENT: It can be a bank payment, PayPal or other online payment companies. The payment can be divided between the order day and the delivery day.

PAYMENT PLAN: We are very flexible here and we gladly can personalise a payment plan that will make you comfortable.

METAL COLOR: All the possible colors are available.

UPHOLSTERY COLOR: It can be one single color or a combination of two colors (example for the bench press: top black, sides red).

CUSTOM-MADE: We specialize in custom-made equipment. This means that we can modify any of our machines to fit your needs. Also, we can design something completely new for you.


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