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Powerlifting Equipment – Competition racks and combos

Key Features of Racks and Combos

Why choose TTEKA?
With a diverse selection of competition combo racks and squat racks, our commitment goes beyond the product itself. Experience the convenience of fast delivery and a simple ordering process. Join the global community of powerlifters, connect with enthusiasts, and benefit from exceptional customer service.Choose TTEKA and elevate your powerlifting experience.

Heavy duty racks
At TTEKA, our commitment to your powerlifting journey is reflected in the precision engineering of our competition combo racks and squat racks. Carefully crafted with heavy-duty steel, our racks are providing strength and safety during every lift. Ideal for powerlifters of all levels, TTEKA racks ensure a secure environment for squats, bench-press and much more possible exercises.

Safety first
Safety is number one at TTEKA. The advanced safety features include reinforced frames and secure locking mechanisms. Lift with assurance, knowing that TTEKA prioritizes your safety everywhere you train. It is something that we take very seriously. Every equipment is tested at all levels before shipping.

Customization options
Elevate your powerlifting experience by personalizing your racks with our special options. Choose your own colors and laser-cut logos. Make your equipment an extension of your unique style and personality. Our job is to make your powerlifting setup stand out and inspire.

Professional level for all
TTEKA stands as a standard of professional-grade excellence. Our products are carefully designed and tested by elite athletes. They not only meet, but also exceed the standards of powerlifting competitions worldwide. TTEKA is committed to improve your performance with the equipment of the best possible quality.

Best prices in the world
If you are looking to buy a complete combo rack or to purchase an extension, we will make sure that you have the best prices. Also, we are pleased to offer the division of payments for up to 12 months with 0% interest.

Adherence to IPF rules
TTEKA takes pride in ensuring that our competition combo racks and squat racks adhere to the international standards set by the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF). We understand the importance of compliance with IPF rules for fair competition and the integrity of the sport. When you choose TTEKA, you can trust that your equipment meets the rigorous specifications outlined by the IPF.

Used all around the world
Currently, our powerlifting equipment being used in more than 200 cities globally. TTEKA products bring powerlifting communities worldwide together, we are really proud of that. Join the ranks of satisfied lifters who trust TTEKA for their powerlifting needs.

TTEKA in Powerlifting competitions
Trusted by athletes worldwide, our equipment is a common sight on the competition stage. From countries like Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France or Sweden, the equipment by TTEKA is more and more used for local, regional and international competitions.

Research and development
Behind every TTEKA product is a commitment to constant improvement and innovation. Our dedicated research and development team explores cutting-edge technologies and materials to bring you the latest advancements in powerlifting equipment.

Maintenance and care tips
Ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your TTEKA combo racks and squat racks with our maintenance and care tips. Learn practical routines for cleaning, maintenance, and any specific care requirements to keep your equipment in top condition.

Free Delivery to Europe
Enjoy the convenience of free delivery in Europe on our vast range of racks. Wherever you are in Europe, our products reach you promptly without any additional shipping costs. Experience the ease of ordering top-quality powerlifting equipment and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Worldwide delivery
You order can deliver to every city in the world. Contact us and we will find the fastest, easiest and less expensive way to bring your customized competition combo rack to you. Every day our Family is growing thanks to the support of people from around the world.

How to Order
Ordering from TTEKA is very easy. Select your desired competition combo rack or squat rack, customize it according to your preferences, and place your order. Our user-friendly ordering process ensures that powerlifters everywhere can easily acquire professional-grade equipment for their training needs.

TTEKA Family Approach:
Join our global community of powerlifters. At TTEKA, you are a valued member of our powerlifting family. Connect with fellow enthusiasts, benefit from exceptional customer service, and enhance your powerlifting journey with the best equipment available worldwide.