Plates, dumbbells, kettlebells


Ultra Calibrated Powerlifting steel plates: 5.50€ for 1kg
Item number: DP-01


Margin of error: 0.05% – 0.4%

Weight: All possible
Color: All possible




Calibrated steel plates with finger holes: 5.50€ for 1 kg
Item number: DP-02

Margin of error:  0.5%

Weight: All possible
Color: All possible






Heavy duty steel dumbbells: 4.50€ for 1 kg
Item number: DP-03

Weight: 1kg – 70kg
Color: All possible










Classic Russian Giria (Kettlebell)
Item number: DP-04

DP-04-01: 16kg Classic Russian Kettlebell: 78€
DP-04-02: 24kg Classic Russian Kettlebell: 118€
DP-04-02: 32kg Classic Russian Kettlebell: 158€





Fitness kettlebell
Item number: DP-05

DP-05-01: 6kg Fitness Kettlebell: 28€
DP-05-02: 8kg Fitness Kettlebell: 38€
DP-05-03: 10kg Fitness Kettlebell: 47€
DP-05-04: 12kg Fitness Kettlebell: 57€
DP-05-05: 14kg Fitness Kettlebell: 67€
DP-05-06: 16kg Fitness Kettlebell: 76€
DP-05-07: 18kg Fitness Kettlebell: 86€
DP-05-08: 20kg Fitness Kettlebell: 95€