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Our story

TTEKA Equipment – produces competition and training equipment

TTEKA Equipment was founded in 2008 as a company that produces competition and training equipment. This is the story that led to its creation, which is very unique and interesting in itself.

about us

Back in 2008, we had a business project to open a chain of commercial gyms in Europe. So, like everybody who starts in this business, we began by looking for emplacents and of course good and reliable equipment. We wanted to attract as many people as possible from different sports and backgrounds to our gyms. In our mind, the gyms were supposed to be a place where powerlifters, bodybuilders, swimmers, weightlifters, tennis players, people who train to be in shape and competitive athletes would have a place that they could call home.

So, we found a few buildings where we could open, First step done. Now, it’s the turn to find some good quality equipment. In our day and age, we thought that this would be the easiest thing possible. Oh, we were so wrong, so wrong. To our surprise, this became the most difficult task that we have faced. We looked at all the brands from the best ones to the least known. Let me tell you how we were surprised when we looked at equipment which costs more than 5000€ per unit and where the welding joints were horrible. The quality was simply awful. The metal was even worse. It was so thin that it could be used as glass in the windows. Wow, how surprised we were and also in despair.

Even worse, when we were asking about the possibility of customizing our own colors, our upholstery and adding perhaps a special something like a logo, the answer was always negative. We also did not like how the equipment producers and distributors of equipment were treating their clients, meaning us and people like us at that time. We are speaking here of big worldwide brands and small less known companies. The customer service was the worst. Our question to ourselves was: what to do next?

We then really had an instant vision. Why should we try to make these equipment producers do something for us that they don’t even really want? Why try to tell them that the equipment can be improved? Why endure bad customer service? We are better than that. Let’s build our own machines and gym equipment. That was the day that TTEKA Equipment was born. We then bought machinery, hired engineers, elite athletes for testing, we found the best possible welders, hired the best production workers and much more. The wheels of the new equipment production company began turning.

Since the day of the creation of TTEKA Equipment, we also decided that nobody should experience all the negative stuff that we experience while looking for equipment. We decided that we will offer the best customer service possible. That we will make the best possible quality equipment at the best price. That we will also offer all the possible customisation options to everybody without looking at the size of the order. For us every order is unique, every person is important. We treat people like our friends and family.

Right now the TTEKA Family was grown to more than 200 cities and 17 countries worldwide. This is of course possible with the support of the athletes, home gyms and gyms from all around the world. This is our common road to success. We never forget to thank the people with who we have grown and with who we are still growing to expand the TTEKA family worldwide.

Thank you all for the support, Thank you also for reading our story, we really appreciate it.

TTEKA Equipment and TTEKA Family forever!


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