FREE customization

Please let us know how we could make your equipment more personal. Chose your colors and add your inscriptions. It can be a gym name, logo or even a goal that you have, for example “SQUAT 400KG” 💪🙂 . Any type of customization is FREE.


ADD YOUR LOGO: We can add your logo or inscription on any type of equipment. 


METAL COLOR: All the colors are available.


UPHOLSTERY COLOR: It can be one single color or a combination of two colors. All the colors are available.


ROLLER FOR THE RACKS: You can choose between “barrel” and “cone”



RESISTANCE BAND PEGS ATTACHMENT: This feature is standard on the BN-01 and BN-02 combo racks since June/July 2020



LASER CUT NUMBERS: The laser cut numbers on racks, benches and combos racks come as a standard feature from 2019.


COLLAR HOLDERS: Keep your training space organized with the collar holders. A standard feature from spring 2020.



HEIGHT PINS: There is a choice between a set of pins with plastic handles or without the plastic handles